Our History

In January 2010, a team of eight University of Cincinnati journalism students began developing a print magazine concept that would eventually take form online as Verge Magazine. They spent tireless hours in brainstorming meetings, generating story ideas and dreaming up a publication that would appeal to a diverse, college-educated audience of urban-dwelling 20-somethings. They were each imprinted with unique life stories: Most were traditionally aged college students, but others had returned to school after working in the “real world” for several years. Two were already parents; one was considering adoption. Some were into sports, arts or fashion; others were hard-to-peg individualists who loved the randomness and weirdness of modern urban life. They were skateboarders, do-it-yourselfers, wannabe entrepreneurs and video-game addicts. They worked together beautifully.

As different as they were, they had a lot in common, too. They all were dealing with the typical stresses and worries of college students, from saving money to balancing school and life, to making plans for a future career. They were managing relationships, juggling jobs, taking on leadership roles in their communities, and trying to make a meaningful mark in life through their writing, photography and design. Verge emerged from their shared visions, and their purposeful, creative collaboration.

The fingerprints of Verge‘s founding staff (editors Jathan Fink, Meg Groves, Jac Kern, Corey Gibson, Desire’ Bennett, Chris Reid, Marielle Murphy and designer Andrea Schwallie) are all over the magazine’s DNA. This project grew out of their talent, dedication and devotion. Since then, it’s been carefully tended to by other UC journalism students who have followed in their footsteps–all with the intent of making that original concept become a reality.

It has been my pleasure to work with all of them, and I can’t wait to see the idea grow and develop over time.

— Jenny Wohlfarth, Verge‘s Adviser  


The Founding Staff of Verge Magazine: (from left to right) Jathan Fink, Marielle Murphy, Andrea Schwallie, Chris Reid, Corey Gibson, Jenny Wohlfarth, Desire' Bennett, Jac Kern and Meg Groves.