• Career Q+A: Skydiving Instructor

    Career Q+A: Skydiving Instructor

    A skydiving instructor discusses his love for adventure, airplanes and what it’s like falling from the sky

  • Career Q+A: Beer Brewer

    Career Q+A: Beer Brewer

    A beer brewer shares how his lifelong hobby morphed into a successful business

  • A Day’s Jaunt in the Big Easy

    A Day’s Jaunt in the Big Easy

    Is New Orleans still the city it once was, before Katrina and the oil spill? A traveler returns to one of her favorite cities to find out

  • Friends in Big Places

    Friends in Big Places

    Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs children in need with adult mentors, creating relationships that can last a lifetime

  • CrossFit Craze

    CrossFit Craze

    Coming soon to a gym near you: A new fitness trend that blends a little bit of everything into an intense 15-minute exercise blitz

  • Working Like a Dog

    Working Like a Dog

    Ever try to teach a dog to fetch? How about sniff out a corpse or track a missing person? The all-volunteer Buckeye Search and Rescue Dogs team knows a thing or two about finding lost souls

  • Where Everybody Knows Her Name

    Where Everybody Knows Her Name

    Cincinnati mixologist Molly Wellmann transformed a local bar into a hotspot hang-out, where the cocktails are custom-made and the aura is old-school cool