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DS918 Synology Inc.

Il est possible de lire une vidéo 4K sur un téléviseur récent, mais pas sur un ancien smartphone ou tablette Android/iOS une conversion est nécessaire au bon fonctionnement. Regardons de près l’usage avec un Synology DS918 et Plex Pass pour l’accelération matérielle. Does Synology DS918 NAS seem like a good option for someone fairly new to this but wanting to be future proof for some time and also make sure strong enough to use for Plex, 4k, streaming and for other projects as well, ie home-assistant, backups, sonarr/radar, vpn, downloading, etc? It handles all my plex needs for sure. And even a few friends and family remotely. I also run a few VMs on it and Dockers nowshowingv2 and tautulli. As mentioned make sure you install the 64 bit version of plex, not the one from the packages. Have not been able to test any 4k, since don't have 4k screen to play it on as of yet.

View 4k HDR content on my TV via Plex Xbox One Anime on mobile offline; will get Plexpass. Do not care about backups as I can re-download. Not going to store photos or anything else on the NAS. Do I go for the DS918 or just get the 218? Will that work for 4K HDR video? Im assuming with Plex on the Xbox One X, I won't require any transcoding. DS1618 vs DS918 for 4k Plex Server I currently have a DS1515 storing my Plex data, and a 2015 i5 iMac functioning as my Plex server. I am going to be losing my home office, and I won't have anywhere in the house to keep my iMac, so I'm considering upgrading my Synology and moving Plex server functionality to the NAS.

The Synology DS918 NAS will do it all. If you need a NAS to watch and transcode 4K, Run several VMs, Apple time machine backups, host a plex media server, run an itunes server, run a business from, run surveillance cameras over the network, provide a CRM and CMS system, as well as host several websites – The DS918 is the NAS server for you. 16/05/41 · We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. DIY media hub Best NAS for Plex in 2020 Choosing the right NAS for you is a.

The DS918 integrates the Btrfs file system, delivering the most advanced storage technology to meet the management needs of small businesses. DiskStation’s real-time H.265/H.264 4K video transcoding provides hassle-free and high-quality video playback among various devices. The best means with which to host a plex media server is a Network Attached Storage device or NAS server. One of the biggest NAS server providers in the world right now is Synology and they have a large range of NAS devices that support Plex in many, many ways transcoding, smooth running, 4K, etc.

And finally, the outright winner is the Synology DS918 NAS shocking, I know because it can do two 4K streams, where the DS418play can only do the one. So, via a process of ‘America’s Got Talent’ esc elimination, we can see that the best 4-Bay NAS for 4K, 1080p, streaming and transcoding is the Synology DS918. 04/06/41 · How to pick the right NAS for a Plex media server Plex allows you to store pictures, movies, music, and more on a single server, which can then be accessed by other devices. 4K transcoding. Plex Forums. Plex Forums. Category Topics; Announcements. Release & Service announcements. 55. General. 0. Plex Media Server. Please tag with os tag like server-mac or server-windows and any other appropriate to the topic. 2. Plex Players. Please make sure to tag your post with the Plex Player your topic will be about. 0. 29/02/40 · Now that Plex is installed on the DS918, you can click on the main menu in the top-left on the DSM interface and choose Plex Server. Its ability to transcode two 4K streams at 30 frames per. Amazon: Synology DS918 $540 Capable of decoding 4K media There's a difference between decoding and transcoding when it comes to media playback over the network. The former is.

14/06/39 · There are reports of the hardware encoding on a DS918 being enough for 4K, but, personally I’ve only tried up to 1080P without issue. make sure you’re OS version is up to date of Synology and then re-install the 64bit version from Plex. There’s a reported issue where it needs to be installed twice for all the correct folder. 23/11/40 · In addition to being able to configure a large amount of storage at a low cost and freeing up your desktop or notebook from the workload, a Plex setup with a NAS drive offers features like 4K. Greifen Sie jederzeit und überall auf Ihre 4K-Medieninhalte zu und streamen Sie diese DS918 unterstützt 4K H.264/H.265 Online-Transkodierung über Video Station and DS video, wodurch 4K Videos on-the-fly konvertiert und auf anderen Computern, Smartphones und Media Players wiedergegeben werden können, die grundsätzlich keine Ultra HD.

Download Center. You can find the documents and files regarding the operating system, packages, desktop utilities and so on for your Synology product to enjoy the latest and versatile features. Grâce à un puissant moteur de chiffrement matériel AES-NI, le DS918 offre une transmission exceptionnelle des fichiers chiffrés. Également capable de transcoder jusqu'à deux chaînes de vidéo H.265/H.264 4K simultanément, le DS918 est idéal pour le partage et le stockage du contenu multimédia en ultra haute définition. I've been using Plex for two years now. Until last week, my setup was the following: a DS216play to store my media and my Windows 10 Core i7 laptop to run PMS and stream my content to my Sony 4K Android TV or anything else, particularly my iPhone. As you may be aware, the DS216play sucks at running PMS, so I needed my laptop. 28/02/39 · The DS918 did choke up a bit when sending 108 GB worth of small files over a 1 Gb/s network, with transfer speeds averaging 78 MB/s. In short, your single-file 4K.

Concernant vos fichiers personnels, Plex prend en charge pratiquement tous les formats de fichiers, de la musique Hi-Fi aux formats vidéos 4k. Tant que votre serveur Plex fonctionnera, vous pourrez diffuser votre contenu en continu sur n’importe quel appareil compatible Plex, y compris les appareils mobiles qui sont sous iOS ou Android. Synology DiskStation DS918 は、中小企業や IT 上級者向けに設計された 4 ベイ NAS です。新しいクワ ッドコアプロセッサを搭載する DS918 は、4K Ultra HD ソースコンテンツのリアルタイム コード変換 などにおいて、傑出したパフォーマンスとデータ 暗号化アクセラレーションを 提供します。. 17/02/39 · The DS918 is powerful enough to handle two 4K H.265 transcoding streams simultaneously, so I can be well assured of watching a high quality 4K movie and. 01/02/40 · Is Synology DiskStation DS918 a good NAS for Plex 4K playback? Similar Threads. How to upgrade the RAM in Synology DS918 Byin forum Windows Central News Discussion Replies: 0 Last Post: 10-10-2018, 01:10 PM. Microsoft is your best bet for buying the new Surface Studio 2.

Je n'ai même pas envie de tester le soft de lecture fournit par Synology mais je penses que c'est lui qui transcode la 4K à la volée. Bref, je penses que si votre priorité est de transcoder la 4k avec Plex, ne vous arrêtez pas sur ce model car il n'y changera rien contrairement à ce. Intel NUC i7 – Partially pre-built media server for Plex. I raved about the Synology DS918 above as a good Plex media server with hardware transcoding capability. I was using the DS918 as my primary Plex server for over a year since my move from an HTPC NAS Combo to a NASHome Server solution. 05/07/40 · 群晖的DS918能转码4K60HZ吗,本来打算等群晖新品,结果新出来的DS1019居然还是J3455,就比DS918多一个盘位其它一样,如果是J4105我就坚决等上市了,因为J4105官方支持4K60HZ。买个nas还是打算长期.,电脑讨论,讨论区-技术与经验的讨论,Chiphell - 分享与交流用户体验. DS918 ondersteunt 4K H.264/H.265 online transcodering via Video Station en DS video, waardoor 4K-video's kunnen worden geconverteerd en kunnen worden afgespeeld op andere computers, smartphones en mediaspelers die anders geen Ultra HD-formaten ondersteunen. Meer informatie.

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